SPCP’s new academic approach


Saint Paul College Pasig introduced its new learning approach, the Outcome-Based Education (OBE), for school year 2019-2020. The shift to OBE was a conscious decision of the St. Paul College Education Ministry (SPCEM), believing that learning should emphasize student progress through application rather than in lectures. OBE connects lesson objectives to the core values and Paulinian affirmation statements, which are geared to enrich student abilities.

“The end goal is to really prepare the students for life after school,” said Dr. Ronald Santos, Head of the Curriculum Development Board. “Not only for college, but the future that they will somehow embrace.”

Life Performance Outcomes (LPOs) are the key factors of OBE. They measure the students’ critical thinking and application skills. LPOs also challenge teachers to rethink their way of lecturing and creating activity plans.

Mrs. Maricel Lacap, Assistant Principal for Homeroom, characterized this to be a paradigm shift, saying “It may cause reservations because the community’s usual methods are now replaced by something different.”

“[OBE] requires students to exert more effort in the products that they submit,” Jilliene Supan, President of the Student Coordinating Team (SCT), said. Though beneficial, she continued, this can be tiring and improvements must be made for students to adapt.
“OBE is relatively new and nothing is set in stone,” stated Ms. Ana Hernandez, Assistant Principal for Academics. “We are taking steps to really make sure that we are implementing it properly this year.”