A glimpse behind FIST PUMP VOL. 5: The 2000s on Shuffle


The Center for Dance (CFD) in collaboration with the Center for Sports (CFS) hosted “FIST PUMP VOL. 5: The 2000s on Shuffle” from September 21 to 22, 2020. This two-day event was participated by roughly 400 students from both GIFT centers and consisted of a 40-minute Zumba session with guest instructors from the SPCP Alumnae community. 

For FIST PUMP day 1, the assigned instructor was Anna Lia Castillo, a former member of Terpsichore Street. She jump-started the event with a quick warm-up, followed by a dance workout, then ended it with a cool down session right after. For the second and last day, Angela Sioson, SPCP Pep Varsity Alumna, capped off the activity with her groovy dance moves. 

Given that it is FIST PUMP’s fifth year, the CFD and CFS core officers still persevered to push through with the event despite the limitations of the new set-up. According to Elise Santos, CFD PRO-External and one of the overall heads of FIST PUMP, “[We] aimed to give CFS and CFD students a sense of familiarity by continuing this yearly tradition through an online set-up. In planning the event, we aimed to use physical activity, namely Zumba, to enhance school spirit while benefiting the physical health of those who participate. We wanted the student body to realize that despite the distance, we are not facing the struggle alone and that their GIFT families will always be there to guide them and go along this new journey together.”