COVID-19’s hidden heroes


“We go to work for you; please stay home for us.”

A quote that has made its fair share of rounds on social media. A plea by our frontliners, a term often associated with onlyour health workers. Brought about by their endless sacrifices, society has become well aware of the major role they play in combating COVID-19. A great number of our citizens have responded to the call of service, in hopes of saving our country from this pandemic. Though these efforts are immeasurable, there is more to what meets the eye.

With the spotlight set on our doctors, nurses, and caregivers, there are also those beyond them in the shadows who continue to work and serve with them in catering to the needs of the community. The responsibilities they fulfill tend to be overlooked, with some deeming these duties as nothing out of the ordinary.

Magsara na lang kayo.” – A line often said due to one’s outburst as a consumer, usually caused by a lack in stock of supply. When taken literally, have you ever thought about establishments such as groceries and pharmacies closing permanently? Where would one buy their supplies to satisfy one’s hunger or medicine to cure their sickness? Blinded by privilege, we forget to respect and value these simple resources.

Some resort to the conclusion that they are just doing their jobs like the rest of us, though they are left with no choice. For instance, they are incapable of providing for their families from the comfort of their homes. They believe that if the pandemic won’t get to them first, hunger will. There are also those who continue to serve from the goodness of their heart, putting the sake of the greater good before theirs. Each day is marked by another step out of the house with one foot in the grave.

To those beyond the spotlight – journalists, volunteers, janitors, security guards, supermarket clerks, bank and pharmacy employees, garbage collectors, and all other employees who continue to work every single day despite our current circumstances, thank you for being the hidden heroes of today. With you, we hope and fight for a better tomorrow.

Working hand-in-hand with our health workers, mabuhay ang lahat ng ating mga frontliners!