Center for Sports offers insightful advice in REBOOT webinar


The Center for Sports held their webinar entitled “REBOOT: Reigniting the Passion” on September 5, 2020. The talk follows speaker Sofia Ildelfonso as she shares her approach to achieving athletic success. She emphasizes the importance of trusting God in spite of these difficult times. “Put trust on him [God] and all else will fall into place,” she advises. She then goes on to share more tips, advising athletes to set feasible goals and that health in all aspects starts with discipline.

To the student-athletes struggling to improve upon their skills due to the lack of resources and equipment, “It’s never too late to start,” Sofia preaches in an interview following the webinar. “If that’s the plan of the Lord, you have nothing to lose if you try. Trust in the process and believe in yourself right now.” She has also mentioned the ongoing quarantine has given her an opportunity to improve on her volleyball skills.

Through her talk, Sofia hopes that we “remember our purpose to glorify the Lord in everything that we do”.

“Reboot: Reigniting the Passion” was organized by Jilian Almazora, CFS President; Gab Morelos, Vice President; Paula Calingasan, Secretary; Antoinette Afable, Treasurer; Alexa Bentilanon, PRO Internal; and Carina Acorda, PRO External. The 1-hour livestream was hosted by Audrey Dugan and Sofia Sambrano.